What paperwork do I need to take for my holiday?

You will need to take your hotel voucher, flight tickets/voucher and also a transfer voucher if these have been booked. All of this paperwork will have been emailed to you beforehand by On the Beach.

How old do I have to be to book a holiday through On the Beach?

On the Beach contact number On the Beach requires that at least one member of your party be over the age of 18 if your holiday includes a hotel. For flights, someone needs to be at least 16.

Which destinations does On the Beach travel to?

For a full list of destinations, see our Destinations page.

How do I change payment details?

In order to change payment details, you must call the customer service team.

How do I find out when my balance is due?

Find out when your balance is due by visiting the ‘Manage my Booking’ page.

How do I find out who my operator is?

Your booking paperwork will tell you who your operator is.

I want to travel in a large group, how do I go about this?

For groups larger than nine people, it is recommended that you speak to one of the sales team.

I'm unable to check in on the Ryanair website. Why is this?

Online check in will open 30 days before each scheduled flight departure only if you purchase an allocated seat from the Ryanair website. If you do not purchase an allocated seat, you can check in online between 7 days- 4 hours before your flight departs.

Do I need my passport to book through On the Beach?

It is important that you check before you travel the validity of your passport. Several airlines do require passport details as advanced passenger information before you fly, so it useful to have the information to hand as you book.

Why can't I use On the Beach on my computer?

If the website is not loading it may be because of the site’s cookies. Clear them and then try again, or try connecting from a different device.

What security do I have when booking with On the Beach?

On the Beach is a registered member of the Association of British Travel Agents. Total financial protection is offered for your holiday, giving you security in the unlikely event of an operator failure.

Are there free child places when you book with On the Beach?

Some hotels will have free child places, subject to when you book.

My hotel is allocation on arrival, how do I find out where I am staying?

If you have opted for your hotel to be allocated on arrival, you will find out the hotel a few days before you depart. However, this may be too late to pre-book transfers, so you may need to take a taxi.

How long do I have wait for a confirmation of booking?

Most bookings will be confirmed by email within 48 hours of your booking request being made.
Check in If you have any further questions, be sure to call the On the Beach contact number.

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