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If you just want to get away on holiday without being out of pocket and you don’t mind being a little bit flexible with your dates, it’s easy to get a great deal with the On the Beach deal finder.

Find your ideal holiday with a simple search:

1. Choose the month you want to go and a date if you wish.

2. Choose which airport you wish to fly from.

3. Choose how many people will be in your party.

For example, if you knew that you wanted to go away in October from an airport in the North West as a party of two, On the Beach would provide you with a list of destinations based on lowest price first.

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From here, using the drop-down menu, you can narrow your search results. For example, if you specifically wanted to go to Costa Brava in Spain for less than £200, the website would accommodate this.

For example, I have opted for a week in Lloret de Mar leaving on the 17th of October from Manchester.

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Once you have chosen, you can find out more about your hotel and specific flight times before booking.

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As you can see, once you have chosen the deal for you, you will be taken to the next page which provides you with a detailed breakdown of your room and flights. Often, the hotels will be 2/3 stars and self catering, as shown above. However, given that this deal in particular is £65 per person for the hotel, it’s not to be complained about. If you are happy with your holiday, click to confirm the details. Alternatively, you can scroll down for a list of the hotel’s facilities and photos.

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When using deal finder, it is worth considering that the prices do change. For example, if someone books the deal that you have found (therefore taking the seats on the plane and the room in the hotel) the price may go up slightly to reflect this. However, you can press re-cost and book to see the latest price. On the beach contact number


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