Britain’s Most Expensive Staycations

Some people think that they are saving money by holidaying in the UK, but research has found that if you pick the wrong place, you could end up paying more than you would for a holiday abroad. The figures come from the Office for National Statistics and identify the places in the UK where people spent the most money on a day trip. This list is as follows:

Cardiff (£50.09)
Isle of Anglesey (£48.92)
Brighton and Hove (£46.49)
Greater London (£38.04)
Cornwall (£36.95)
Dorset (£36.61)
Powys (£35.96) On the Beach contact number
York (£35.67)
Cumbria (£35.12)
East Sussex (£34.50)

The figures don’t include the cost of accommodation and travel which can often make a trip away much more expensive. For Cardiff, the average accommodation costs £85 a night. If you got the train there from London, it could cost around £186 for two return tickets. If you add this to the daily cost, it’s almost £1,500 for a week. Onthebeach shows that you can get a week in an all inclusive, four star hotel in Tenerife for two for just under £1,200.

However, we musn’t forget that tourism is very important for the UK. There are ways to make expensive staycations cheaper. You could camp on the outskirts of the destination, for example in Anglesey. In larger cities, you can use ‘homestay’ accommodation to look for affordable rooms to rent. Before you head off, you can look for discounts and offers on the area’s attractions. If you mix your stay with paid attractions with free excursions such as beach days, the price will soon come down. You can also go self catering and bring the price down, by only eating out for one meal a day. With this in mind, you have to factor in the cost of getting to your destination, groceries and attractions and you could stay for a fraction of the price estimated by the ONS.


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